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Roofing Installation, Window Replacement in Acworth, GA

A safer, secure roof is just a couple clicks away. Weather Guard Factory Direct, based in Acworth, Georgia, offers window replacement in addition to roof installation services.

Window Replacement
Weather Guard Factory Direct comes out and give a free quote on what needs to get done and then presents you with an affordable offer for service. We replace windows only with materials that you are able to choose from. Our company offers lifetime warranty for all of our window installations. We proudly and only install windows manufactured by Windcor™. These windows are made with Argon gas inside the double panel windows. The screen actually goes up and down on these windows also.

House, Roofing Installation in Acworth, GA

Roofing Installation
Asphalt Roofing
You basically have two roofing options—asphalt or metal roofing. GAF™ is our main provider that we go to for roofing materials. They also provide a lifetime guarantee on shingles just as we do.

There are three tabs and architectural designs with asphalt shingles; they are for cosmetic looks only. We offer lifetime guarantee on all of our roofing materials. Over half of our clientele decide to go with this roofing option.

Metal Roofing
In addition to asphalt, we offer metal roofing materials. This is normally for residential roofing and provides a long-term solution for your home. This roofing service also encompasses our lifetime guarantee. Everything is measured by square footage to determine prices. A cable access roof could cost more depending on your preferences and specifications. There are many styles of metal such as:

 • Rip Panel  • Metal Shapes  • Metal Tiles  • Metal Shingles
Gutter Installation
Weather Guard Factory Direct installs gutters for businesses and residential properties. These gutters come in lengths of 6 inches and are all-inclusive. You also have an option of 90-degree angle gutters. Any type of connection is possible with these gutters.
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